Peg Luke is currently immersed in a dynamic array of musical projects.
Her focus is on the release of monthly singles that showcase her evolving artistry. As the holiday season approaches, there’s anticipation for a potential 2024 mini Christmas project, promising a delightful auditory experience.
Building on her pandemic-era creativity, Peg is considering a re-release of all the singles recorded remotely in her downstairs studio. Additionally, she is diligently working on a fresh, reimagined version of the 8 JS Bach flute Sonatas, infusing them with her unique musical perspective.
For those seeking weekly moments of tranquility, Peg, along with her husband, hosts LIVE meditations on her “Peg Cornils Luke” Facebook page.
Stay tuned to witness the unfolding of Peg Luke’s current musical endeavors.

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Sleep, Baby Jesus a Peg Luke Christmas

Peg Luke was inspired by a beautiful text out of the Biblical book, Micah to compose this following song, “God Will Be My Peace”.